With our own twenty-first century version of the plague disrupting our lives at present, Fluellen is producing a new drama for the internet.

We asked four of our regular Lunchtime Theatre playwrights to join in this, we believe, unique project. Derek Webb is starting the ball rolling with the first scene of a new, specially written play, KEEPING THE LID ON. Once this first play has been shown, then Kate Bowman takes up the baton and writes a continuing episode. She will not know the story until she has watched the first episode online. Then, when her episode has been added, Ron Meldon carries on with a fourth episode, again without having seen Kate`s episode until it has been put online. Then Emily D`Arcy continues with the fourth episode and, finally, Derek Webb returns to write the fifth and final episode.

This is a fun and (for the playwrights) a nerve-racking project and, if successful, could lead onto other similar projects during the lockdown.